Water Softeners Prices

Water Softener Prices

Water Softener prices will  depend on your water hardness and water usage. If you are on a well please look at our Well Water Systems. Some companies will sell you a very basic unit, regardless of your level of hardness, which will end up costing you much more to run than necessary. A undersized water softener can cost up to six times more to run than a right sized water softener. We at CWS will work with you to help you pick a unit that suits your home or business. CWS is one of the only water treatment companies that supply & install water treatment systems in the 32 counties. We usually start of by deciding if you want a cabinet water softener to fit in a kitchen unit under your sink, or a larger softener in an outdoor enclosure or in a pump house or garage. For a look through some of our water softener range please see below.

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The Clack WS1 TC Cabinet Water Softener

The Clack WS1 TC Cabinet Water Softener

Clack WS1 TC Cabinet Water SoftenerThe Clack WS1 TC Cabinet water softener model eliminates limescale that is formed from calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for increased damage of household appliances, such as washing machine dish washer water heating systems. This water softener is NSF Certified and will fit in under your kitchen sink. It is a time controlled valve and should use from 4 to 6 bags of salt per year. It will soften water for up to a family of ten, depending on hardness. This type of cabinet is also available in a metered version, which is the WS1 CI valve.


Height: 530 mm Width: 220 mm Depth: 410 mm Weight: 8 Kg

10 x 24 Clack WS1CI Water Softener

10 x 24 Clack WS1CI Water Softener

Clack are the market leaders when it comes to water softening. The Clack 10 x 24 Softener is the ultimate in water softening technology, featuring the WS1CI water softening valve. At 10” diameter, 24” vessel height, and also 8” for the valve height, this unit will easily fit under most kitchen sinks. The 10 x 24 is the perfect solution for an average sized family, easily catering for up to six people. This is a metered or “volumetric” water softener, designed to measure water flow and optimize water and salt usage, making it the most reliable and efficient water softener on the market today.

10 x 35 Clack WS1CI Water Softener

10 x 35 Clack WS1CI Water Softener

The Clack 10 x 35 features the WS1CI Valve. At 10” diameter, 35” height for vessel, plus 8” for the valve, it is ideal for installation in a garage, pump house, or at the rear of your home, we have specially designed out door covers for Clack softeners that are installed outside of the home. The user friendly console lets you monitor all the operating functions. The solid-state microprocessor controls the meter monitor and self-adjusts the regeneration cycles based on household trend of water consumption, depending on the amount of people in the home, and the hardness of your water, on average the 10 x 35 Clack Water Softener regenerates every 5,000 litres of water used.




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