• Water Softeners

    It has been proven that water softeners can reduce running costs in your home or business, thereby providing real savings in the areas of maintenance and replacement of appliances. In hard water areas, appliances have a life expectancy of 40% less than those in soft water areas. If you need to buy a water softener system anywhere in Ireland, well then, you have come to the right place. We at CWS are committed to providing home owners with the very best quality water softeners available.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filters are the most popular type of water filter used for drinking water in Ireland. Reverse Osmosis is a filtration process that is used to remove a wide range of contaminants to give water of a very high purity. Most reverse osmosis systems are five or six stage filtration units and fit in under your kitchen sink. Most people are aware that filtering tap water can improve its quality.

  • Water Filters

    We supply many different types of water filters, filters for drinking water at your tap,filters for water coolers and filters for whole house or commercial water treatment. They vary from block carbon water filters to sediment removal and taste & odour filters. We also carry a range of Ultrafiltration Water Filters. We supply 10" or 20" sizes or larger if required. We also carry all replacement filters for reverse osmosis filters.

  • Water Coolers

    We supply many different types of water coolers, both for home/private use and business use. Both systems offer the same high quality drinking water filtered for that crisp, refreshing taste. We sell and install water coolers throughout Ireland and all of our office and home water cooler systems comes with our standard quality guarantee.

Water Softener PricesWater Hardness Map

Water Softener prices will depend on your water hardness and water useage. Some companies will sell you a very basic unit, regardless of your level of limescale, which will end up costing you much more to run than necessary. A undersized water softener can cost up to six times more to run than a right sized water softener. We will work with you to help you pick a unit that suits your home or business.

Water softening can vary from county to county, depending on the type of bed-rock. In some counties you will get high lime from limestone land and others you will get acidic water from mountains or boggy land. With well water you can have problems with Iron & Manganese, Colour, Grit, Sulphur or even Bacteria . Check out our Water Hardness Map to see how hard your water is. This is not however an indication of water quality. In some cases softer water will contain more water pollution than hard water. CWS is one of the only water treatment companies that supply & install water treatment systems in the 32 counties.

Undersink Cabinet Water Softener Prices

You can get a hugh range of undersink or cabinet water softeners nowdays, and the water softener prices will vary depending on the size, valve quality, and wheather it is fitted by the water treatment company, or just purchased. If you choose to purchase a unit you may as well rip up your warranty as any problem with your unit will be blamed on the installation and water softener settings. Most companies selling water softeners this way will usually sell you valves made in China, they may work for a while, but when they stop you will never get parts as these companies keep changing suppliers to get cheaper systems, or go out of business due to quality issues.

Other units offered are non - electric water softeners, and these water softener prices are totally over priced as the actually save you very little and despite claims made, actually cost you more to run on salt. They can only be reset by the company that installs them leaving the water treatment company with all the power.

If you choose a cabinet water softener for your home, there are valves that are perfect, but you should try purchase it fitted. Try purchase a good make, like Clack, and always get a metered valve, as they will save you alot of money on salt useage. They will always be available to supply parts, even if the company isn't, and they only supply companies that have recieved full training. These are middle of the road as Water Softener Prices go, but you will never have to buy again.

Larger Water Softener PricesWater Softener Prices

The larger the water softener the more effective it will be at removing limescale and the cheaper it will be to run with salt. These units would generally go into a shed or pump house because they are too big to fit under a sink, even though now days many houses are making provisons to get them into their utility into broom closets and the like. Again the choice of control valve is vital to how good your water system will work. We will always recommend the Clack WS1 CI valve as it is in our opinion the best by far.

You can get the water softener vessels in a 8, 10, or 13 inch diamater, but we would mainly use the 10 inch. They range from 23, 35, 44, 54 high, but we would pust towards the 54 if height isn't an issue for installation. For Commercial use there are much larger vessels, but for Domestic water softening these are well big enough. When compairing with an undersink water softener the average vessel is 8x17, so compare that to a 10x54, there is no contest.

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